Manufacturing Superior Performance Medium and High Density Overlays

Paneltech is a forward-thinking company comprised of individuals who share a common goal: to make valuable surfaces the right way. This means high-quality products that are both functionally superior and environmentally sound.

Quality Products:

All of our products are made with an emphasis on quality: Quality in the resin systems, quality in the paper substrates and quality in the production process. Our overlays are completely saturated through their profile. This cannot be achieved with a high-speed, low-cost approach. Complete saturation is crucial to the proven durability and performance of the overlay in concrete form as well as general purpose applications.

Superior Performance:

Our overlays have been proven on the past 20 years through rigorous testing and field application. We strive to continuously improve our products to deliver more features and provide the ultimate in field performance.

Outstanding Value

We are always willing to compete for your business. If we can’t beat a competitor’s offer, we’ll tell you exactly why.

Competent and Responsive Service

We have been manufacturing overlays for over 20 years now. Our staff knows how to solve issues regarding performance of the panel/overlay system. Our experience includes a broad base of resin chemistry and web and panel manufacturing.

Paneltech along with its sister company, PaperStone, is headquartered at the Port of Grays Harbor in Hoquiam, Washington. Our on-site complex includes a treating facility, resin plant, press operation and multiple warehouses.

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