Medium Density Overlay (MDO)
409P Paint Grade

Paneltech’s 409P Paint Grade MDO is a specialty overlay that gives the same superior surface quality of 357 & 360 with a higher caliper sheet. The added material in 409P is lends itself to the more challenging paint grade applications presented by softwood plywood.

The overlay is saturated with petroleum-free phenolic resins derived from organic materials. When applied to a panel, 409P provides a smooth, high-masking overlay with enhanced paint adhesion characteristics for plywood, OSB, particleboard, MDF and a variety of composites. It also has good machineability for decorative applications.

As with other Paneltech MDO products, 409P has a proprietary glue line formulation that gives it strong adhesive properties when bonding to all commonly used wood substrates. MDO 409P exceeds the requirements of the PS 1-07 Voluntary Product Standard.


  • Smooth, paintable surface
  • Superior paint adhesion
  • Higher caliper for improved bonding on uneven substrates
  • Good machineability
  • Masks panel grain pattern
  • Quality controlled continuously by online weight and volatile sensors, calibrated hourly
  • Each sheet visually inspected