Form Release Recommendations for Paneltech Concrete-Form-Overlays

Paneltech strongly recommends the use of the appropriate form release with their overlay products as provided through their customer’s plywood mills. Since we are most familiar with Nox-Crete Releases, we endorse and recommend the use of the appropriate Nox-Crete release or its functional equivalent.

Overlay ProductRecommended Releases
389C, 454C and 305 MDOForm Coating, Release Agent #10, Bio-Nox, Chembeton
407C High Flow MDOForm Coating, Release Agent #10, Bio-Nox
173C 100/30 HDOForm Coating, Release Agent #10, Bio-Nox
173C 120/30 HDO or 180C 100/30 HDORelease Agent #10
Duramax Melamine MDOForm Coating, Release Agent #10
Alka-Max Melamine Barrier FilmRelease Agent #10
1201NRelease Agent #10, Bio-Nox

Since each state has separate regulations on VOC levels, consult your Nox-Crete distributor for a specific release recommendations. Release Descriptions:

Form Coating – petroleum-based version and water-based version
Release Agent #10 – petroleum-based
Bio-Nox – Readily Biodegradable water-based version and ReadilyBiodegradable Vegetable oil-based version
Chembeton – petroleum-based