Fortrex™ Life Protecting Prepreg

Fortrex™ has processed millions of linear yards of aramid and high performance glass fabrics such as DuPont Kevlar® and AGY S-2 Glass® in support of various MRAP vehicles, HMMWV and Stryker upgrades, and other DoD programs. Fortrex is also expert in processing Owens Corning ShieldStrand® Reinforcement S-, R-, and E-glass fabrics, industrial overlay papers and more. Fortrex’s high-speed treater lines provide the throughput to rapidly and cost-effectively tackle the largest defense and homeland security projects. In addition to its industry-leading ballistic prepreg capacity and low cost, Fortrex is known for quality, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer service.

Prepreg & Logistics Services

  • Solution coating of fiberglass fabrics conforming to MIL-DTL-64154B specifications and for use with HJ1 and other S-glass or R-glass based composite armor laminate systems. (Fortrex/Paneltech is anAGY approved S-2 Glass® prepreg manufacturer.)
  • Solution coating of Kevlar®and other aramid fabrics conforming to all classes of MIL-DTL- 62474F composite armor laminate systems.
  • Supply chain management including in-house shipping logistics services and woven material sourcing. Low cost transcontinental shipping our specialty.
Call Ron Iff at 360.538.1480 or 360.580.7203 (cell) for more information.
Resins & Panel Surface Material
  • Proprietary low-cost, high performance phenolic/PVB thermosetting laminating resin suited to impregnating Kevlar® and other aramid fabrics. Supplier of third-party HJ1-approved resins.
  • Custom phenolic resin formulation for enhanced ballistic resistance with fiberglass fabrics, cure time control, improved flame-smoke-toxicity (FST), and other properties.
  • MIL-CAPS™ (Military Composite Armor Panel Skin) architectural surface material engineered for co-molding with phenolic based ballistic panels.
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