Conform MDO


Heavy kraft paper based products that are first saturated and cured, then coated with our own PetroFree™ phenolic glue resin for application directly to hardwood or softwood plywood in a hot press. Paneltech’s standard MDO products meet the requirements of PS 1-07 and have been certified by the APA.

When would you specify a phenolic over melamine?

MDO Concrete Form Product Application Matrix

305389 / 396454 407 Dura-Max
Concrete Pour ApperanceAdequateBestBetterGoodGood
DurabilityOK with good form releaseGoodGoodBetterBest
Concrete Alkalinity ResistanceFairGoodGoodBetterBest
Grain Masking and Panel FeaturesBetter than BBGoodBestPanel features show throughPanel features show through
Low Pressure BlistersNot Recommended without good thickness controlGoodBestBetterBetter
Resin TypePhenolicPhenolicPhenolicPhenolicMelamine Hybrid
Resin Content35%35%35%38%46%
Preferred ApplicationLow Cost to Compete with BBGood for high quality pours or cushion sheet (396)One-strp for High maskingHigh Durability Highest alkalinity resistance for harsh concrete mixes
Approximate Caliper.014 in.018 in.021 in.021in.021
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